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Stepford Wives

has got to be the funniest movie I have ever seen, at least in the last 15 years (which isn't saying alot, I don't often go to movies). My 20 year old son and I went yesterday, and I cannot remember laughing so much or so hard for a long time, which may say more about me than the movie. My son (a college junior) didn't think it was nearly as funny as I did. I guess you had to be there (the 50/60/70's feminism)
Anyway, the movie is campy and very overdone, which I found hysterical. The best scene is definitely the 'book club' one with Bette Midler, altho Glenn Close at the end of the ball is almost perfect. Nicole Kidman is not one of my favorite actresses, but I can't imagine anyone who could have done a better job.
Just don't expect it to be like Ira Levin's book, or the previous movie. See Ebert's review here.


I have been busy trying out some free genealogy software I recently found out about, and downloaded from the LDS website. Its really easy to use, and I have spent the past couple of evenings typing in family, and downloading some names from RootsWeb.
The library is also a helpful place to go. Texas libraries have access to TexShare, which subscribes to Heritage Quest. HQ has the US censuses indexed, and scanned images of the actual pages. Pretty cool to look at your relatives before you were born.


MY has Bush's comments on the death of Paul Johnson. The problem is that the Wahabi terrorists who murdered Mr. Johnson are not the same *barbaric people* who we are fighting in Iraq. I suppose that the POTUS, in his ignorance of foreign affairs, does not realize that.
May the family of Mr. Johnson find some measure of peace.

baseball & college degrees

via, a post showing only 7.5% of American baseball players have college degrees, compared to about 27% of adults over 25. Any explanations? or do they think they won't need it, they'll make so much money in the show?

more links

via, this from the LATimes. Great editorial on Bush and the neocons.

today's links

From Whiskey Bar, an article on what's actually wrong with the POTUS, at least a theory on why he has trouble articulating his ideas.
Anti-War has links to the Human Rights Watch report on the abuses at Abu Ghraib.
Norwegianity has 2 posts here and here on the conspicuous consumption and shallow thinking of the upper echlons.
And via Reuters a breaking story showing that once again our Sec. of Defense has violated International Law. When will Bush see the light and dump Rummie?
From WaPo the most recent car bombing, which killed 38 Iraqis.


Basketball is over so that means its time for Wimbledon. Too bad Johnny Mac will not be doing the broadcasting for ESPN/Disney. He's so straight-forward, where his brother is diplomatic. But Johnny is a lot more interesting to listen to. Wooden racquets forever!
Maybe we'll even get some actual live coverage.


The secretary from the high school called yesterday to let me know what I'll be teaching this fall. It seems they have scheduled me 3 sections of Integrated Physics and Chemistry, along with my usual World Geography. Since I haven't had chemistry since my freshman year in college, or physics since 71-72 in high school, I am at a loss as to what to do.
I finally spoke with the (retiring) principal, who told me "you taught Biology last year, and that's science." Yeah, but I'm certified in that, and it doesn't have much to do with chemistry, and nothing to do with physics.
So, since the state is testing 10th and 11th graders in both social studies and science I will have pressure from both directions, and my students will be the ones who pay dearly. My geography students will suffer because all my energy will be spent on keeping ahead of my IPC students, who will suffer because they will not have a teacher who knows physics or chemistry. Where do principals get off thinking that this sort of thing is OK?

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