Bush in Foreignland

Bush in Foreignland

The protests against Bush in Ireland and Turkey have been incredible, but our fearless leader has not been exposed to them, as he 'takes the back exits,' so to speak.
His interview with Irish journalist Carole Coleman is here. The man has unbelievable gall - and obviously has no grasp of European history or politics.
Bush says "There have been great ties between Ireland and America, and we've got a lot of Irish Americans here that are very proud of their heritage and their country. But, you know, they must not understand if they're angry over Abu Ghraib..we don't represent that. We are a compassionate country. We're a strong country, and we'll defend ourselves -- but we help people."
Q But, Mr. President, the world is a more dangerous place today. I don't know whether you can see that or not.
THE PRESIDENT: Why do you say that?
Q There are terrorist bombings every single day. It's now a daily event. It wasn't like that two years ago.

But Bush won't admit that there are more bombings now than 2 years ago. Even reports put out by his staff show that terrorism has increased, but you'll never get the man to say it. The editorial in this month's Texas Observer, long the liberal voice in this greatest of states, is an insightful look at the lies this administration has tried to foist on us. Unfortunately, the editorial is not available online, but you can visit the website and subscribe to the magazine, and support 'opening the eyes of Texas.'

Post on Norwegianity quoting Ron Reagan's interview in Sunday's New York Times Magazine (The Son Also Rises, June 27).

BTW, my daughter's eye is still very inflamed, but her sight is better. Back to the doctor tomorrow.

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