Clinton's Awesome Speech

Clinton's Awesome Speech

Clinton's speech was awesome! He defined the differences between the candidates in plain language and made clear the choices we face as a nation.
I hope my Republican family was listening. I grew up in Hunters Creek Village, which has the distinction of being the place that gave the most per capita to the Bush 1 Prez campaign (can't find a link). Also the home of Bill Archer, the second Texas Repub elected to Congress since reconstruction. (Bush 1 was first) My parents can't understand how they raised a yellow-dog Democrat. I' m not sure either, except maybe it had to do with what I learned at First Presbyterian Church, Houston. I think the focus of the church has changed since I grew up there in the 60s and early 70s. We talked about service to the world, and now it seems more focused on'saving souls.' But I haven't lived in Houston for years, so I really don't know.
Back to the speech - I hope the message gets plenty of play: here's what we want to do, here's what they have done. The choice is yours.

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