back to school for teachers day, all in all not too bad. the 'Welcome back' program let out 5 minutes early - a first at PBTISD. then our new principal headed a staff meeting, and told us it would be short, and we could work in our rooms this afternoon, instead of whatever c**p was on the agenda. Not only helpful, but smart - he chose a good way of scoring points with the teachers.
Tomorrow morning more meetings, but then the remainder of tyhe day to get ready. My room is in order - i came in a couple weeks back to put up maps, etc, so I guess i can figure out what I'm supposed to teach in Integrated Physics and Chemistry (IPC), a class which I am totally unqualified to teach.
But I have 2 regular world geography classes, and an AP Human Geography class to make up for the IPC, so I am happy.

Tomorrow I will go to El Paso and Wed do an in-service training on GIS in the classroom for their social studies teachers.

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