we go Back-to-School!

We, meaning several hundred teachers at DHS, spent the past week preparing to challenge our new students with meaningful and relevant work that will engage their hearts and minds. Plus preparing rooms, learning that the 9th grade Teams initiative isn't going to work as we hoped this year, and helping 61 new faculty members learn the ropes. Five of the new faculty are members of the geography group, all of them coaches; the four of us that stayed were the full-time geography teachers.
The full-timers are planning something new for our charges this year - the book will be read entirely at home. School time will be enrichment activities that relate to various topics. We are hoping that if we stick together (and stick to our guns) it will work. I feel fortunate to have 2 pre-AP classes. Generally those students do their assignments plus more. My academic classes are the ones I am worried about, but I think if I can make class -I hesitate to use the word 'fun' - maybe 'interesting' enough, then at least some of them will do the textbook reading outside of class.
Wish us luck
geography lady

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