This Year

This Year

is shaping up to be a really enjoyable one. All my students are MUCH better behaved than last year's ever thought about being. I have 2 Pre-AP classes, and they keep me hopping - the kids are pretty quick on the uptake, so we move right along, with much more discussion/opinion/comments.
My academic classes seem to be ok, some better than others, of course. One has a few kids who have already told me that reading the textbook at home is too much work, and they don't plan to do it. Maybe they will accidentally learn something in class, even if they don't pass.
I am having all my classes do basically the same thing - read the textbook at home and take notes, with a test each Thurs or Friday, depending on what block they are in. They get to use their notes on the test, if they take notes while reading or in class if I lecture. Each week is a new chapter in the book, which is 32 chapters in length. Since there are 36 weeks in the school year, we should cover the book. Class time will be the fun stuff, no worksheets, and not necessarily related to the text.
Hope it works,
geography lady

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