I'm Back, I Think

I'm Back, I Think

I am going to attempt to start posting again, since the lege is in session and trying hard to screw teachers again.
Altho we are at the bottom of the bucket in salary, raising pay would be too easy. The lege is thinking about tying salary to performance - not teachers performance, but students performance. If we all had the perfect student that would be great, but most of my students would rather do anything than school work. Front and center 5th period is Mr. 420, or at least that's what his tattoo says. 3rd period has the kid who can't sit still because he's snorted too much meth in the last couple of days, plus giggle-girl, who is always high on pot.
My district is thinking about instituting random drug testing next year, but my students say 'everyone' will end up at the 'disciplinary school' for testing positive. The failure rate for the freshman class has made the nightly news more than once. I and an English teacher have the highest failure rates, but if the kids can't pass the TAKs test they shouldn't be passing my class. If I passed them and then they failed the TAKs there would be hell to pay. Since they won't do their work or study they can't pass; vicious cycle. I have started making them get their tests signed by a parent, and they get after-school detention if they don't get it signed. It hasn't helped raise the passing rate, but at least the parents are aware.
Which is where the problem lies, in my opinion. My own kids weren't allowed to fail - there were odious consequences. I wan't allowed to fail (well, once in Spanish in 7th grade. I had to sit at the kitchen table every school night with my mom and study - no TV. It was the only F I ever made.) My students get yelled at, and a few get grounded for a couple of days, but I guess their parents either don't know how or don't care to make them pass.
The kids certainly aren't too stupid - they are perfectly capable of doing the work when they aren't loaded. So the lege will try to come up with some answers, but they won't because they are too chicken to institute an income tax, so it will be a piecmeal fix that doesn't address the real issues. And my students and their future will be the real losers.

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